Relational Database Administrator 3
Job Opportunity at County of Summit -Office of Information Technology

Posted on Oct 29

Location: Akron, OH
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4170440

Department: Office of Information Technology

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday, 7:30 m to 4:00 pm. Some evening and weekend hours may be required.

Required Qualifications: Any combination of training and work experience which indicates possession of the skills, knowledge and abilities listed below.

Completion of a four (4) year college degree in mathematics, Computer science or related field and seven (7) to ten (10) years experience in systems software, relational database and web-site systems position.

Under administrative direction: monitors and controls utilization of data processing, software, and all data contained therein. Responsible for implementation, configuration, maintenance and performance of critical SQLServer RDBMS systems, to ensure the availability and consistent performance of applications. Collaborate on the definition of software development efforts and perform data modeling in support of development teams.

Designs, modifies, develops, and implements a variety of software programs for database applications, system utilities, and WEB enabled applications. Supports and troubleshoots application software related problems. Reviews and monitors hardware, database, network and application performance.

Determines specific system requirements (e.g. equipment, programs, maintenance, security access, etc.); analyzes and evaluates existing application, compatibility, utilization and efficiency; reviews and recommends potential new software application; installs and configures WEB and database servers; plans and coordinates a comprehensive program of maintenance, testing solution analysis and corrective action procedures.Monitors and controls the utilization of data processing equipment and facilities as related to the relational database environment; maintains and documents all relational database and data dictionary functions; ensures all database software is at current operating support levels; creates, maintains access paths, table entities and relations; define clusters and kernels, paths and presidencies and schemas. Assures all database, operating system and application software are communicating functionally and efficiently; reviews and controls the utilization of data processing equipment and facilities as related to the internet web services environment, ensures web services are technologically up to date and are available to the public 24 hours a day, maintains security, integrity, configuration and coordination of database, application software and internet web environment to deicer live content over the Internet to the general public.

Assists with the preparation and implementation of SQL computer system programs and html programs initiated for interdepartmental and internet usage, implements database links and designs the shared environment interaction process, ensures security measures are implemented and adhered to; reviews existing and establishes new standards for system usage; resolves instance failures and resolves relational database outage problems; defines appropriate RAID technology; oversees query language usage; controls the allocation and usage of disk space, coalescing, reorganizing and archiving to maintain efficient storage and retrieval of data; installs, administrates, implements, and upgrades county-wide financial software system; oversees and coordinates programming/analyst activity for financial software systems; maintains security for program libraries and object code; controls, and maintains audit trial of users, permissions, and all access rights to county financial data; ensures compliance of State audit requirements for Financial systems data and financial systems software; integrates financial software with database, server, client, and web technologies to deliver payroll and financial systems and data to every agency in the County; responsible for backup, restore and disaster recovery of financial systems data, and software.

Conduct periodic reviews and maintains a data dictionary, and define existing terminology and gateways; assists with the development and implementation of operational standards and procedures; ensures standards and procedures are enforced; conducts system tuning to ensure a high degree of response time; defines and reviews relational database objects, security and methodology, and reviews relational database definitions.

Integrate various servers, programs, storage devices, database, and web sites into single continually functioning environments, web-enables existing client server systems for delivery to internet web users; designs, codes and implements support web pages.

Supervise Relational Database Administrator 1 and 2 and other database and web administrative personnel that may be assigned; approves/disapproves leave requests; trains or recommends training of all data processing personnel on the specifics of database and web technology; plans for and conducts training, develop training manuals and procedural outlines; performs technical oversight/coordination of financial software programmer/analyst activities relating to financial data access and software upgrades.

Performs other related duties as required.

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