Big Data Specialist
Job Opportunity at Joseph Michaels International

Posted on Oct 5    800-786-1099

Location: Plano, TX
Job Type: Temporary
Job ID: W4119589

Looking for an experienced Senior Big Data Specialist who is an active participant involved in the day-to-day activities of an Agile project delivery team. This role brings extensive and practical experience with the techniques and approaches required in delivering Agile projects relating to data store management.  This role analyzes and implements all aspects of data store system environments.  This role ensures common standards are established. This role is responsible for providing superior knowledge and primary technical support for the administration of production data store systems. This role schedules, plans, and implements all changes to the data store environments, following change control and security procedures. This role will plan, implement and maintain backup and recovery for data stores if necessary.  This role will also keep abreast of developments and trends and will make recommendations to client’s managers/team leads and could act as a the lead on projects in areas pertaining to the data store environments. The Senior Big Data Specialist must be detail oriented and focused on quality, as s/he will be expected to drive the delivery Business Value for customers through the application utilizing suitable Agile practices and techniques.
Position Responsibilities
·        Assess and analyze data store environment’s system and provide recommendations for the usage of NoSQL data store usage using RavenDB. Ensure recommendations provides for maximum performance and data store uptime within organizational constraints based on performance analysis, creating and testing backups for production data stores, and monitoring of the data store systems.
·        Develop and maintain documentation for subject data stores based on the outlined and approved team conversations. Carry out and maintain the overall design of data stores, including standard data definitions, data dictionary, data stores security, privacy and recovery systems and any necessary support software
·        Assess the data store(s) and remediate issues relating to, and not exclusive of, data cleaning and growth
·        Utilize modern architectural practices and technologies in the data store/analytics/ETL space including most of the following:
o    RavenDB, SSIS, MongoDB, Lucene, R Analytics, Azure Cloud, SQL Server
·        Will provide oversight and governance to the application/product teams on proper usage of data being captured, utilized/consumed and delivered within the enterprise
·        Ensure Protection of PCI and PII data based on the client’s organizational compliance and governance needs
·        Providing guidance on best practices and tool usage for data cleansing and scrubbing
·        Develop executable code/scripts within the environment to replicate, manipulate, migrate large sets of data
·        Promote and use the Securing of Data via Obfuscation, Encryption or other best practices
·        Provide insight to the client on how data is being captured, utilized/consumed and delivered within the enterprise
work experience requirements
·        10 + years of Data Store experience
·        3 + years of Data Migration and Analytics experience
·        3 + years of experience using RavenDB or NoSQL data stores
·        Extensive understanding of NoSQL design. Experience designing NoSQL data stores for implementation
·        Strong written and oral presentation skills.
·        Excellent analytical skills and discernment.
·        Initiative and ‘Can Do’ Attitude Required.
·        Experience with C# and business data analytics
·        Experience using SQL stored procedures, SQL Server Management Studio and Microsoft Azure
·        Experience with Microsoft .Net framework and object oriented programming in C#
·        Experience in Data Modeling
·        Recent Experience with Data store Migrations
·        Experience with data store management systems like Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2008 /2012
·        Experience in Analyzing the existing designs and systems and offering insights for improvement
·        Experience with Microsoft .Net framework and object oriented programming in C#
·        Experience in Data Modeling
·        Recent Experience with Data store Migrations
·        Experience using Data Securing and Optimization experience
·        Experience with Obfuscation and Encryption of Data
·        Strong knowledge of software evaluation principles and best practices.
·        Strong facilitation, interpersonal and consultative skills. Ability to develop and work with different constituencies in
·        a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
·        Position is located in Plano, TX and will be required to travel to Orlando, FL
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